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Should I skip bread to loose weight?


Buttered, toasted or slathered with PBNJ it’s hard to beat a fresh slice of bread (just ask my wife Heidi), but is it a diet’s friend or a foe? Let’s find out the truth...

Should I skip bread to lose weight? NO, bread can be a healthy choice. It all depends on how much and what kind you eat. A whole-grain slice is more likely to make you feel fuller, but if slimming-down is your goal, check your bread’s calories and serving size before you gobble it down.

Healthy bread is darker, right? Not necessarily, colour doesn’t tell you much about its nutrition. In fact, some manufacturers often add sugar to make loaves look browner. The ingredients’ labels are your best guide. For the healthiest choice, compare labels and choose the one that contains less sugar and salt and more fibre.

Should I keep my bread in the fridge? Nope, unless you prefer stale bread. The cold air in the fridge will dry your bread up faster. It will stay fresher in the pantry or on the counter top.

But what about mould? If you can’t eat it fast enough to beat the fungus, keep out what you need and store the rest in the freezer. Thaw it on the counter top or pop it in the toaster on defrost when you’re ready to eat it.

Thick, thin, chewy, crispy or crunchy … choose wisely and enjoy that slice. But remember, a healthy diet is a balanced one. And for those of you who settle for nothing but the best... make your own. it's easy and you're in control of what's inside.

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