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Spring has sprung and many of us have spring routines that we get busy with come April. Many of us clear out the garage/attic/home or get exfoliated, waxed, fake tanned and what-have-you in preparation for forthcoming bikini unveiling.

Some of us are even doing spring “detox” diets. But what about an emotional spring cleaning? When was the last time you cleared out thoughts, feelings, and old stories that no longer belong in your emotional house because they are just useless old baggage?

This is what I would like to talk about today.

Spring is about rebirth and renewal. Check your emotional portfolio and evaluate what needs to go and what to add in. Here are three steps you can take to start your emotional spring cleaning today!

Step one: Crowding Out by Adding In.

In the same way as it is with tangible possessions clearing out the old makes room for the new. Are feelings of shame, guilt, anger, fear, and regret taking up space in your emotional inventory? Letting go of those feelings may take time. While you work on letting go, begin to add in. Add in positive feelings of love, empowerment, confidence, compassion and courage to your emotional stock. You will begin to crowd out negative feelings with positive ones. Clearing out the negative thoughts will be easier when positive feelings energise you and give you the strength to let go.

Step two: Clear your Head by Letting go of your Thoughts

One way to clear out negative thoughts is to use a technique I learned long time ago. When I begin to write, I start by getting thoughts and ideas out of my head and onto paper. No judgment, no censorship, no filter. Whatever comes up comes out. Then I go back and revise my work until I am satisfied with a final draft.

I find the technique works just as well when I need to work out a difficult problem. I begin to just write whatever is on my mind. Much of the time what I write doesn’t even make sense!

But that doesn’t matter. Writing without self-censorship gives you an authentic look at what’s in your emotional inventory. The process can be agonising. You must be willing to drag out the negative thoughts and stories. Then you can edit out what is no longer useful. You are re-drafting your old stories. Revision is “re-vision”. Now you have the opportunity to see things from a new perspective.

Step Three: Reconnect

Spring is in the air! Renew connections with the world around you. Go for a long walk or cycle. Call an old friend. Spend quality time with your family and loved ones. Say thank you to the Starbucks barista for getting your name right. Tend to your garden. Go to a Pilates class. Hold the door open for someone. Tell your loved ones how important they are to you. Spend a little extra time with your pets. Enjoy nutritious, light, and energising meals with your family and friends. Give and receive hugs every day. Dance in the rain. Gather up your emotional spring cleaning tools and get to work! You can’t help but smile when you engage in the world around you with resilience and positive energy. Time to clear out the clutter and open your spirit to the wonderful, blossoming season of spring!

I recommend using the HeartMath™ System which is comprised of techniques, tools and technology; and has been developed and validated through rigorous scientific research. The Institute of HeartMath™, is a recognized global leader in emotional physiology and stress-management research. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to receive more information about one-to-one coaching or group sessions.

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