Iron deficiency in menopausal women

The most common deficiency associated with menopause is of the hormone oestrogen, however studies have shown that women going through menopause are also often iron deficient, which can lead to a variety of health issues. Below are some things to consider if you are approaching menopause or going through it.

Iron Requirements Prior to Menopause

Iron deficiencies are common in pre-menopausal women who get their menstrual periods monthly. This is because iron is lost through the blood on regular cycles.

Since post-menopausal women at some point stop having their periods, many do not lose as much iron as they did before over time. However, other processes in the body may still lead to being iron deficient.

Iron Requirements after Menopause

When a woman reaches menopause, lack of iron may lead to many other uncomfortable, embarrassing and even degenerative conditions. Several studies have linked iron to hot flashes, and people with iron deficiencies often report reduced cold tolerance and body temperature regulation.