Losing weight quickly by dieting, then regaining it by eating again as you used to, then starting all over with another diet to lose weight, regaining weight again, losing it again, then putting on weight over and over during several years is called the yoyo effect and is the origin of overweight, obesity and depression. The yoyo effect results in a series of weight loss followed by weight regains which are dangerous for our physical as well as mental health. This succession of good news followed by disappointments can be depressing. With the years passing by, people who engage in these diets enter a vicious cycle: after each weight loss, the weight regain that follows is worse than the previous one making them feel they need to diet harder than before. Thus the successive diets carried out cause people to be overweight, which in turn can lead to putting on more than 20% of their ‘normal’ weight and for certain people obesity (which is far worse than an aesthetic matter).

Bad diets lead to yoyo effect