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The most potent medicine is your food.

Most people you get their nutritional advice from doctor, or worse yet, governments who use outdated research and data to make their recommendations. Today I would like to talk to you about the medicinal power of what you eat (or should be eating). So next time you bite into something, think of the following.

It all begins with getting rid of some old myths that keep you (yes you) fat and sick. Let’s look at the top three:

All calories are the same, so stay away from fat - we were led to believe that calories are very important. As evidence, they’re always at the top of any food label. There’s now talk about requiring even restaurants to state calorie count on their menus. It makes sense that if all calories are created equal then fat, which is well laden with calories (more than twice than proteins), should be avoided at all cost. However, new research turn this theory on its head. When you eat sugar (meaning carbs) calories, your increasing fat storage and hunger spikes. Protein and fat, on the other hand, promoted (body) fat burning.Even more important is the quality of the calories, and not their quantity.

Keeping healthy costs a fortune - not being loaded with dosh is not a reason to eat unhealthy. Neither is not having enough time. When people tell me that they don’t have enough time or money for healthy food I usually remind them how much money (and time) they spend on conveniences such as Starbucks (and the likes) coffee, fast food etc. Arguably it saves a little time, but at the expense of their health.

Eating whole, real food isn’t necessarily more expensive than eating junk, fast or processed foods.Data shows that that the top three consumed items in supermarkets are all bad for you (sugar, smokes and alcohol). If you give up on these three poisons your shopping bill will hit the floor.Follow this link on how to eat better for less.

It’s all about burning more than you consume (or eat less and exercise more) - that’s what we’re being told. It implies that the real reason why we’re fat and sick is because we’re lazy munchers. Which means that if we get off our butts and stop stuffing our faces we’ll lose weight. And the reason for it all is lack of willpower.

Although there is some truth in it, if you stop eating your body will become very energy efficient. In other words, it will slow your metabolism in order to conserve energy. Which means that you’re unlikely to lose a lot of weight by starving yourself. So the secret is to eat whole and healthy and not starvation (and certainly not junk/fast/processed/convenience food.

As always, if you found this information helpful please share. If you have any questions, do ask.

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