Tips on how to easily protect your mental health and avoid emotional collapse.

If you physically over-stretch yourself, say, work too hard or party non-stop you should not be surprised if your body suddenly goes into a melt-down and ‘breaks’. Being aware of the risks to our body and not being able to ‘afford’ a systems’ failure we normally take care of ourselves by ensuring that we are drinking enough, resting and sleeping to recharge and eating healthy (at least some of the time).

Our mind operates by similar rules, which means that it can only take so much stress before going into a total melt-down. Still the majority of us neglect to do an occasional little ‘check-up from the neck up’, in the same manner we look after our physical well-being. This is a huge mistake, which I’m sure you’re at least intuitively aware of, but still a mistake that can be easily remedied if you follow the following suggestions to achieve emotional resilience:

Be Hopeful