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Are fruits good or bad for you?

Keep in mind that fruits also contain fructose, although an enhancing factor is that whole fruits also contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and beneficial phytonutrients, all which moderate the negative metabolic effects which reduces the hazardous effects of fructose.

Juices, on the other hand, are nearly as detrimental as sugary soft drinks, because a glass of juice is loaded with fructose, and a lot of the antioxidants are lost.

It is important to remember that fructose alone isn't the devil, because fruits are undoubtedly beneficial. But when you consume high levels of fructose, it will unquestionably shatter your biochemistry and physiology. Remember the AVERAGE fructose daily intake is 70 grams per day, exceeding the recommend limit by 300%.

So please be mindful of your fruit consumption. You also must be aware that because HFCS is so very cheap, it is added to virtually every processed food that you buy. Even if you consumed no sugary soft drinks or fruit, it is very easy to exceed 25 grams of hidden fructose in your diet.

If you’re into raw foods, have an immaculate diet, and exercise like a pro, then in theory you could be the exception to the rule that could exceed this limit and stay healthy.

Here’s a chart that will give you an idea how much fructose you're getting in your diet. Remember, you are also likely getting additional fructose if you consume any packaged foods at all, since it is hidden in most of them.

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