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Bizarre allergies

Many of us have allergies or sensitivities. In my practice I deal with food and drink allergies and sensitivities. In other words, allergies and sensitivities caused by oral consumption of food and drinks.

So for a bit of a change I thought I’d share with you some rather weird ones, yet, not much joy to those who suffer from them.


People with cold urticaria are allergic to cold temperatures, and exposure to chilly air or frigid water can cause their skin to turn red, swell, itch and develop hives. While sucking on a popsicle or strolling through the frozen food section can be uncomfortable for someone with such an allergy, an activity like swimming in cold water can evoke a severe, whole-body reaction — leading to fainting, shock or even death. It is not yet clear what causes this condition, but some people may have overly sensitive skin cells due to genetics or illness.


Just as you can be allergic to cold, you can also be allergic to heat. People with heat

urticaria develop itchy, red, swollen skin and welts when they’re exposed to temperatures above 43c celsius. These reactions typically occur from an increase in body heat brought on by exercise, hot showers, saunas, blankets or even spicy foods.