Elevated blood sugar is linked to increased risk of cancer.

We all know that sugar is linked to obesity and obesity is linked to increased risk of premature death from different causes. Today I would like to highlight the link between sugar and increased risk of cancer.

According to recent research 1 in 7 people in Europe and 1 in 5 in the USA are dying prematurely because of obesity. Money wise, sugar consumption is and its main derivatives (obesity, diabetes and cancer) is directly responsible for 40% of all healthcare expenditure. Basically, when you eat cheap (quality) food you’re likely to pay a high price for it.

Our diet (what we eat and drink) is a major component when it comes to obesity and related health conditions such as elevated blood sugar, insulin resistance and cancer. Obesity can promote cancer and other chronic diseases by causing mitochondrial dysfunction. The mitochondria is the little engine that powers each and every one of our cells and sugar is far from being the ideal fuel for it because it burns ‘dirty’ (creating a lot more reactive oxygen species compared to metabolised fat). As a result a large amount of free radicals is created which causes damage to the mitochondria and nuclear DNA, as well as cell membrane and protein impairment. What this basically boils down to is that it’s not nuclear genetic defects that cause cancer. Instead, mitochondrial damage comes first and triggers nuclear genetic mutations.