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I’m a Functional Medicine Therapist, certified in Clinical Nutritionist and a Heartmath Certified Trainer and Licensed Coach . I am dedicated to helping others understand the physiological and emotional aspects of their lives and the connection and overlap between these aspects.  This in-turn allows people to self-improve the physiological and emotional aspects of their lives which I believe helps people activate their innate ability to self-heal when given the proper tools, information and guidance.   By following a wholistic life style not only can they achieve an optimal level of wellness, happiness and extended longevity, but also reverse and at times cure what is commonly referred to as chronic disease.  My methodology is based on practical application of combining the sciences of healthy nutrition, stress management and physical activity which is custom fitted to each individual client’s objectives.


We all encounter physiological and emotional barriers and I am passionate about helping my clients find out what can be done to overcome those barriers in order to experience their lives in the best possible way both personally and professionally.  


Whether you are looking to improve your diet, reduce stress, stop your emotional eating, improve everyday functions of living, improve physical health, find your optimal performance zone, or excel at your sport or at your work (or very likely, a combination of these things because they’re always linked to one another), my unique and customised 1 on 1 coaching is the solution for you.



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