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My educational background plays a significant role in the person and professional I am today. Having more than 30 years’ experience as an attorney, businessman and entrepreneur, I have a greater understanding of the demands of modern western lifestyle on our physiological and emotional existence. My educational training as well as my professional experience has enabled me have a more profound insight into these demands and recognise which treatments and change in lifestyle and attitude are best suited to successfully address them.



LL.b, Bachelor of Laws (London)

MA in International and Comparative Business Law (London)


I remain committed to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of others through

Continued Further Education:

Diploma in Clinical Nutrition (Sac.)

HeartMath Certified Trainer (HeartMath LLC)

Licensed HeartMath Coach (HeartMath LLC)


In addition to working with athletes and executives on performance enhancement, I work closely with clients to address such issue as their mental barriers to exercise, emotional eating, over-exercising, self-confidence and motivation.  These are but a few examples.


Over the years I have learned that the personal stressors which plague my clients, more often than not, spill over to all areas of their lives, which leaves them mentally, physically, and emotionally drained and depleted. This always has an adverse affect not only on their own lives but also on how they interact with other people and indirectly on those people they interact with or have a relationship with (such as family, friends, and colleagues).


Using my Wholistic methodology, which combines improving their physiological and emotional state of existence, I help my clients transform their life into a happier, healthier and longer life. 


I teach them how to:

Improve their diets

Effectively manage stress and anxiety, pressure and excitability

Maximize emotional calm, concentration and mental focus

Increase confidence and self-control

Develop a calm, dynamic internal state at will, especially under pressure

Increase and sustain positive energy levels

Remove unnecessary obesessive analysis, critique and self-judgment

Eliminate negative and inefficient emotional undercurrents

Rebound quickly and effectively after a stressful event



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