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As a Functional Medicine Therapist and wholistic Lifestyle coach and mentor (clinical nutritionist and stress management consultant), living in Monaco and registered in the UK who specialises in all aspects of wholistic living, I strive to assist my clients with achieving a well-balanced health through a one-off consultation or a pre-set programme (usually 12 to 24 weeks).  My areas of expertise include clinical nutrition, stress management and personal fitness. Generally speaking, well-balanced health if based on harmony between all aspects of our lives (physical as well as emotional and spiritual) and therefore my professional preference would be to assist my clients by harnessing all areas of my expertise. However, some client prefer focusing on one particular aspect (such as ‘more fit/less fat’, or stress reduction) and I’m happy to act in accordance with their requirements.


Taking time off from work or trying to schedule routine office visits can be a hassle and we often neglect our own wellbeing while taking care of others.  Therefore as well as office visits, I offer Nutrition and Wellness Consultations in several ways which can be convenient for you: meeting face to face, by phone or online secure video-conferencing! In certain situations I can also make home-visits to those clients who are located in Monaco or Central London.


Unlike many practitioners who will give you ‘do and do not’ lists, I work in synergy with my clients to identify their objectives and the necessary actions which are required to reach these objectives. Above all, my goal is educational so my clients will be able to better understand their own bodies and better maintain them for the long run.  I endeavour to create self-care independence rather than a long-term therapist-based dependency.


Nutrition & Wellness consultations are an effective way to treat, reverse and often prevent many chronic diseases.  Nutritional and wellness interventions for conditions such as diabetes or obesity can go a long way toward improving health and wellbeing. Often the benefits of a good nutritional and wellness plan can bring about a reduction of complications or the need for more aggressive types of treatment.

the conditions I can help treat include:

  • diabetes and pre-diabetes

  • obesity

  • reduction of cholesterol and high blood pressure

  • weight control (loss or gain)

  • PCOS specific diets

  • Food allergies and sensitivities

  • IBS

  • adrenal fatique

  • acne

  • psoriasis

  • celiac disease

  • emotional eating

  • stress and anxiety

  • sleeplessness

  • better balancing of work and life commitments

  • Metabolic syndrome

  • Smoking

  • Low energy levels

  • Anger, frustration, depression

  • Reduced concentration

  • Essential tremor

  • and more

Consultations do not take the place of medical advice but they can help you to stay on track, try out new healthy behaviours, and celebrate your successes.


What are the benefits of working with me?

You don’t have to have a serious medical condition to benefit from working with me.  You can benefit from nutrition and wellness consultations if you are in search of better health but find yourself unable to make and meet your objectives.  My clients are overwhelmed, stressed, busy and unsure of how to start living a healthy life.  I help them create achievable goals and meet those goals, reduce stress, manage weight, buy and cook healthy food, add appropriate exercise to their daily routine and best of all, I am their support group and cheerleader!  With me as your coach you know you have someone on your side.

What to Expect of a Consultation:


A nutrition and wellness session usually lasts 60 minutes. First (or one off) consultation is usually 90 minutes and a follow up consultation is usually 30 minutes.  Prior to meeting, clients are asked to fill out a nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire in, which provides information about eating habits, lifestyle, and medical/family history.  Sessions are structured to establish your goals, and provide you with a plan to help you work toward achieving those goals.  Usually we will set up 3-6 small objective to be achieved by the next consultation.  These will gradually build towards your overall health objective.  Plans may be revised based on the individual case. You may be provided with a goals list, an eating plan, menus, or reading materials.  It really is determined by the level of support you would like to get from me.  First consultations can be carried out face to face in person or through video conferencing.  Follow-up consultations are aimed at following up on your progress and addressing difficult problem areas. They help you stay on track with your goals.  Keeping a food and exercise journal is very helpful and recommended but not obligatory.


Consultations will be followed up by a summary underlying the main areas of discussion as well as any supportive resources that I will deem helpful for reaching your health objectives with ease.

How much does it cost?

90 minutes consultation: €180* (initial or one-off)

60 minutes consultation: €120* (normal)

30 minute consultation: €70* (follow-up)


* 25% discount if you do not have private health insurance

You can save more money by opting for an introductory pack

nutrition and wellncess consultation can help if you:

  • You would like to discover which foods work best for you, your body type and your lifestyle

  • You are done with quick fixes and committed to making lasting changes.

  • You are ready to discover a new positive relationship with food to support your body and mind.

  • You want to take charge of your health and are ready to commit for the long term.

  • You have tried and failed dozens of new diets.

  • You have uncontrollable food cravings

  • Killer diets get you to drop a lot of weight but the results don’t last.

  • You have a chronic illness that can be helped with a better diet and lifestyle.

  • You need help learning how to shop for, cook and serve healthy food

introductory pack 1

180EUROS now 99EUROS

60 minute nutrition consultation

free webinar

introductory pack 2

333EUROS now 199EUROS

90 minute stress management consultation

free webinar

introductory pack 3

650EUROS now 445EUROS

90 minute stress management consultation

90 minutes nutritional consultation

Adrenal stress profile test

free webinar

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