Quick kitchen detox

Detoxing the body is the new buzz word. Today I would like to speak about detoxing your kitchen as an integral component of detoxing your body.

For most people the word detox make them think about something their body does to lose weight, support the liver and improves the way they feel and look. But to ensure your body is detoxed, it is important to detox your kitchen as well. If you make your kitchen a safe haven that contains nutritious rather than harmful foods, it will automatically assist you in making the correct nutritional choices. Basically, if your kitchen is full of crap, so will your tummy be. And in my experience, no matter how much willpower you possess.

So first of all let’s stop stocking the kitchen with crap and junk food and clear out whatever junk is piled in your fridge and pantry. The basic rule is that if it’s not reachable, you won’t eat