Some good excuses (as if you need any) to sweat alfresco!

Spring is here and with it the warm weather -- and with it, yet another study showing a health benefit from moving among the bloom and blossoms. According to this study, strolling through an outdoor green space quiets the mind and lessens stress (duhh). Here are a few more reasons to walk, bike, run, climb, blade and even strength train in alfresco.

You'll work out longer. Whether you power up and down a set of bleachers in your Favorite park or mountain bike along an out-of-the-way forest trail, the distractions of your surroundings take your focus off the effort of working out. As a result, you'll end up going a lot farther than you would have if you'd been indoors. You can press 'stop' on a treadmill, but you can't turn back time after you've walked or jogged three or more kilometres.