Fruit, vegetables and pesticides

Everybody knows that buying fruit and veg which were grown organically is better than buying those that were grown in the conventional way. Unfortunately it’s not always easy because of seasonal availability and financial costs. Therefore, most people will try to select which organic fruit and veg they buy based on their own perception of the exposure to contamination of each fruit and veg. However such perception does not always tally with the facts.

So today let’s talk about the facts…. Which I hope will help you prioritise which foods to buy organic and we are safe to buy conventionally grown. However, before I proceed I would like to point out that the list is to a certain degree dynamic, which means that there can be variation of the placement on the list based on geography and on time. The data I’m working with is recent (2016) and sourced from the Environmental Working Group[1].

Based on their data, the most conta