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Ideal for your little ones aged 2 - 18 years old

This test analyses your child’s IgG reactions to 208 foods, providing colour-coded results and nutritional post-test support to help you replace your child’s problem foods and safely optimise their diet.

  • Convenient home-to-laboratory testing kit, no travel needed (or you can be tested at our clinic in Monaco)

  • Free delivery and return post to the laboratory (UK only)

  • Expert analysis from our fully-accredited laboratory technicians

  • 30-minute consultation with our nutritional therapists

  • Post-test support through a results guidebook, a formal letter to your child’s school (in English) and continued Customer Care guidance throughout

How does it work?


Order your test online


Complete your blood test and send the sample to the lab


Get your results quickly and speak to a qualified nutritionist

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A child’s diet can have a huge impact on their health: mood swings, lack of concentration, lethargy, bloating, stomach pains and headaches could be the result of your child overindulging in their favourite sweet treat, but if he or she regularly suffers from these symptoms after eating, a food intolerance  could be responsible. 


Our Plus Test is suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 18 to pinpoint their individual trigger foods, and identify what we call their “food fingerprint”. We test your child’s reactions to 208 food and drink ingredients, including sugar cane, cow’s milk and soybeans. The programme also includes a food and drinks diary, plus a telephone consultation with our nutritional therapists who will offer alternatives to your child’s trigger foods and give you personalised advice.


What's included in the kit?

2 x Sterile Lancets

Yellow lancets gently prick the skin through the click of a button


1 x Absorbent Wand & Container

The mini wand absorbs a small amount a blood


1 x Plaster

Seals the tiny pin-prick mark on your finger and keeps it clean


1 x Alcohol-free cleansing wipe sachet

Clears dirt and kills bacteria on the skin


Difference between food intolerance and food allergy 


Our lab defines Food Intolerance as a food-specific IgG reaction. The information is intended to provide nutritional advice for dietary optimisation. We do not claim to treat or cure symptoms and recommend that you discuss any medical concerns you have with a GP before undertaking a food intolerance test.

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