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Eliminating depression the natural way.

If you struggle with feeling hopeless, sad, or otherwise depressed, you’re not alone. More than a third of western population struggle at one point or another with a depression.

Many medications are available to reduce the symptoms but there is no cure in conventional medicine.  In my opinion, the symptom-based medicine approach, conventional medicine confronts depression in a wrong fashion. Rather than finding what led to the depression, many doctors immediately reach for their number 1 weapon, the prescription pad.  That is probably why about 10% of the population are on antidepressants.   However, there’s no reason why things should be like that.

More often than not, you’ll find that if you complain to your doctor about chronic feelings of sadness and despair, he/she is likely to say that you suffer from “depression”.  But depression is not the cause of your sadness and despair. It’s just a name we use to group people together for the purpose of giving them all the same medication.

Basically, what is seems to boil down to is that if you feel sad and full of despair, you are likely to be deemed to be suffering from “depression” and in need of an “antidepressant!” End of story. Case closed. Next patient please….!

But it isn’t.

To date, conventional medicine has failed to address what causes those feelings and why they differ from one person to another.  For example, imagine that  you and another person both suffer from a “headache.”  Your pain is created by drinking too much alcohol every night, whereas the other guy’s results from being hit on the head repeatedly. For all intents and purposes it feels like the same headache, but for an entirely different reason.  It goes without saying that these two chronic headaches cannot be cured in the same manner, because they are brought about by two distinct origins.  I hope the analogy was clear. 

The bottom line is that medications such as antidepressants do not cure the disease; they just mask the symptoms.  Luckily, there’s a more effective way and it does not include being drugged senseless.

The Whole Is well approach to Depression

A typical patient who visits me for depression has already visited conventional doctors, who likely prescribed numerous medications to address the condition.  These patients understandably feel frustrated because conventional medicine has failed to address their underlying symptoms and they aren’t feeling better, not to mention the side effects.

Similarly to other health issues, I take a radically different approach to depression. I attempt to understand what creates it, because to label someone as depressed says nothing about the underlying causes that brought their depression about.

There is scientific evidence that points out to a gut-brain connection. When it comes to the gut, most physicians and scientists miss the obvious, because they are looking for solutions in the wrong place.

Over time, I have seen emotional, psychiatric, and behavioural symptoms triggered by problems in the gut. Sometimes, a lifelong depression can disappear after a course of antibiotics used to clear out bad bacteria from the gut.

I could go on, but I think you are getting the gist of it.  Very often when it comes to depression, the key is in the body and not in the head.  Which means that when you fix your body, you sort out the head.  Our energy, memory, concentration and joy will all rise and depression will fade away like a bad memory.

My Own Story

I know how this works to eliminate depression because I struggled with depression myself.  And I can tell you it was an experience I would not want to repeat. It felt as if I was juggling depression, dementia and ADD all at once.  I saw doctors and therapist, but no one could pinpoint my symptoms or agree on a diagnosis. Some said I had depression, others suggested chronic fatigue.  So if you already know me a little bit, you know that I had to find the answer for myself.

Through internet research, consulting with doctors and scientists, and experimenting with my own body and mind, I finally came to understand that it wasn’t just one thing that had caused my condition, but the build-up of many things.

The solution involved resynching my internal systems, which meant, optimising my nutrition, balancing my hormones, reducing inflammation, fixing digestion, detox (other than nutritional), boosting energy and building emotional resilience. These seven imbalances underlie the causes of all illness and successful resynch means you’re cured.

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